Fotor Photo Effect Studio

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Fotor Photo Effect Studio is a powerful photo editing app that lets you not only apply filters and frames to your pictures, but also modify colors and insert funny stickers on any photograph.

In total Fotor Photo Effect Studio has more than 50 different filters and effects you can apply to your pictures, changing their look with a single tap. You can also apply more than just one effect, combining them to spectacular result.

Among the features that stand out on Fotor Photo Effect Studio you'll find the tilt-shift, to play with depth of field. Thanks to this feature you can blur your image and create spectacular miniature-looking landscapes.

Another interesting feature lets you pixelate any area of the image with your fingertip. The resulting effect resembles the censorship pixelation applied to images in the news.

Fotor Photo Effect Studio is a comprehensive photo editing app with lots of interesting features. It also has a very easy-to-use interface.
Fotor Photo Effect Studio is one of our top photo editing picks

Bit by bit smartphones have started replacing more conventional cameras, with smartphone users generally being relentless about buying phones with increasingly powerful cameras. This means that photo-retouching apps don't stop at simply adding effects, but continually add features that multiply their possibilities. Fotor Photo Effect Studio is one of the most lauded photo editors and offers some of the best features to be found on the market.
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Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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